Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Revamped Wedding Details to Impress Your Guests

Big weddings do come with elaborate preparation. With hundreds of details to focus on and tons of choices to be made, the couple might still overlook a few simple tweaks that could have made the wedding flawless.
It is impossible to throw a perfect wedding, especially once the head count exceeds a hundred. But then there are those teeny, tiny details that adds more flair and drama to the entire wedding theme. These are cost-effective but then capitalizing on personalization means that more elbow grease would be required.
To leave the guests speechless in the most unexpected items is the objective. Here are a few of those wedding details and ways of revamping them.
The sign. Make sure the older ones don't go wandering off to the other side of the garden during the reception. Set up attractive signage to point out what goes where in and around the venue. Place directions pointing to the comfort rooms, the bar, the pool and even from the parking lot going to the tables. It's a great way of reinforcing the wedding theme and the signs also make great wedding memorabilia for the newlyweds' backyard.
The guest book. Have all the guests make their own mark on the bride and groom's day of love through one fun-filled album. Station the guest book at the entrance with a Polaroid camera for the guests to take photos of themselves. Along with a few colored pens, each page could be their very own piece of masterpiece for the newly weds. Better yet, hire the help of a videographer and set up a mini-video blog booth for all the well-wishers to record their own greetings.
The entrance and exit. Start the party in a fashionable style and then end it with a bang. Enter the reception with a rain of ticker tape confetti or with a surprise sing and dance number. Ending it would be a thrill once the lights suddenly go off at the middle of the bride and groom's thank you speech. When it goes back in, the couple is nowhere to be seen upfront but are at the back of a horse-drawn carriage waving goodbye to everyone. Drama may be overrated for a few couples but then weddings just happen once in a lifetime, right?
The little guests. Come to the battle prepared once the toll for the kids reaches 10 or more. Prepare child-friendly menus like mini-burgers, sliced pizza or a cookie buffet. Set up a small area for activities and provide them with coloring books, DVDs or board games to keep them occupied. Of course, hire someone to watch over the little ones to keep the parents off duty for the entire night. For smaller groups, seat them together with their parents to have them at their best behavior all night long.
The restroom. Totally unusual but practically speaking, it is one spot where the guests get to see extra servings of TLC. Monogrammed towels, oil-infusing candles and fresh flowers in a vase make the personal time more worthwhile. Hang an adorable childhood photo of the groom under the "His" sign and an angelic picture of the little bride under the "Hers".
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day With This Easy Beauty Regimen

So you're getting married? Congratulations to each of you! Now's the time to consider all of the issues it's important to do prior to the big wedding day. Apart from everything on your wedding planning listing, have you considered your self, the Bride? Not to make you feel nervous or anything, but do you realize that you may be at every single participant's focus of attention all through the big occasion? Nobody but you gives more than a second glance at the groom (besides maybe his mother and father). You -- the BRIDE -- gets to be the star of the show for the entire day!
Naturally, you want to look beautiful for yourself, for the love of your life, and for the rest of the crowd too. Here are just a few steps you will want to take starting plenty of time before the big day, so as for you to actually show off your true beauty:
Beauty Time Line 6-9 months before the wedding date
By the six month mark, you should have purchased the key elements of your bridal ensemble: dress, headpiece, shoes, accessories, and lingerie. Even if your dress fits perfectly, it would be wise for you to begin some sort of weight maintenance program. For at least 20 minutes a day, three or four times per week minimum, go to the gymnasium, take a class, go swimming, take a brisk walk, do some yoga, or participate in any other fitness routine that you like. Not solely will it assist you to stay in shape, or get into better form; a regular "maintenance" routine may even work wonders to relieve the stress of planning your wedding.
Beauty Time Line four-6 months before the wedding date
By now, your exercise program is such an enormous part of your week that you just feel nice and are looking even better. Does your face look a little bit slimmer too? Possibly it is time to consider your hairstyle on your wedding day. Is it time to grow out your hair somewhat, or should you get it cut to look like your favorite feminine movie star? Make an appointment with your hair stylist, take some magazine clippings or Web printouts along, and even your tiara or headpiece. Work with your stylist so you may experiment just a little with your hair.
Beauty Time Line 3 months before the wedding date
Ready for a brand new routine? No, not more exercising. It is now time to establish a skin care program, in the event you don't already have one. You do not want to start with a brand new product just prior to your big day and find out that it gives you hives, or worse, blemishes. If you're one of those girls with perfect skin and have never used a moisturizer, now could be an excellent time to begin, as a preventative measure.
So now it is time to ensure your hands will be beautiful on your wedding day too. Get a manicure and a pedicure, to start getting those nails in shape.
Additionally, take pleasure in shopping for your honeymoon clothes and accessories. Do not forget to include a brand new bathing swimsuit!
Beauty Time Line 1-2 months before the wedding date
Hopefully you will have another special function to attend during this time, so you may experiment with the make-up for your wedding day. Have a make-up artist do a trial run, testing new products that you may be curious about. You may also go to a department store, where many beauty counters supply a free make-up service while promoting some of their popular products.
At around this time, you should also schedule your final fittings for your dress. Bring along the slip and brassiere you plan on wearing on the wedding day.
Beauty Time Line 1 month before the wedding date
By now you should have made many choices about your coiffure, make-up, and nail color. Practice your coiffure with your headpiece and practice your make-up yet one more time. Get another professional manicure, choose your nail polish shade and treat your self to a paraffin wax treatment.
Beauty Time Line 2 weeks before the wedding date
Go for your final dress fitting, and do not forget to take along your headpiece, shoes, lingerie, jewellery and accessories.
Put on your wedding and honeymoon footwear around the house so you'll be able to break them in gently.
Go for a facial, or give your self one.
Feeling pressured by everything on your wedding planning list? Go for a massage or enjoy a day at the spa with your maid of honor and bridesmaids.
Refresh your shade if you happen to dye your hair.
Beauty Time Line, on the wedding day itself
In the morning, take the time to loosen up and meditate before your big event by getting a massage or taking an extended, luxurious bath.
Ensure you eat at least one small meal to provide you adequate power to last the day.
Several hours before the ceremony, have your hair and make-up done. It is suggested that your stylist and make-up artist come to your house, to prevent any issues with travelling or with the outside elements.
Give yourself plenty of time to dress by starting one to two hours before the ceremony; then do any needed make-up touches.
By following the recommended timeline outlined above, you will look lovely and really feel your greatest for the most important day of your life.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding CD Favors Make Giving Wedding Favors Fun

Wedding CD favors are very popular with today's couples as they hope their guests will remember fond moments about their wedding instead of any possible not-so-good ones.
Thus the bride and groom take time to really think about every aspect of the wedding including what their wedding favors will be.
And so many couples pick wedding CD favors as their wedding souvenirs because of their many benefits.
1. Wedding CD favors are easy to personalize. You can do any of the following to make them unique: * Select the songs that defines your relationship, this way your guest will have a better idea of you two and what you mean to each other; this also makes your guests be closer to you. * You can place your favorite picture as a couple and have them printed on the CD's cover. * You can even choose to put a picture of you two as you say your "I do's" but you must assign someone else to do the printing of the picture and placing it on the cover on the day itself. * If you are the artistic type, you can draw something that reflects your wedding theme on the cover. * Instead of placing accompanying lyrics of the selected songs, you can have poems or quotes or snippets of his letters or emails to you; if you will exchange special dedications during the ceremony, you may want to include it inside the CD instead of the lyrics.
2. Wedding CD favors can be part of your decoration. * You may go for a variety of wedding favors that includes the CD, some wedding favor candy and seed wedding favors. You can then place them all inside a theme-based wedding favor bags and arrange the bags as table centerpieces. * If you don't want variety and wants the CDs only, you can place these CDs in a beautifully decorated basket and place the basket near the wedding presents.
3. Wedding CD favors are easy to make and more affordable than traditional wedding favors. * You and your fiancée will only have to pay for rewriteable CDs, CD cases, and good quality papers. You can print the CD covers using your printers at home, making the whole wedding favors very affordable. * It can be bonding time for you and your fiancée as you choose the songs and burn the CDs.
4. Wedding CD favors are not only decorative souvenirs but something that your guests can still use even after the celebration. They can be played in their own home or cars and will undoubtedly make them remember you and the wonderful occasion.
5. Instead of hiring a band you may want to hire a DJ or simply set up a sound system that can play music from your wedding CD during the celebration. This is another venue where the couple can cut cost.
Creating these personalized wedding favors is really easy but it takes time to make especially if you are burning more than a hundred CDs. You really have to plan ahead and schedule all your wedding related tasks so you can lessen your stress.
Everybody knows planning a wedding is so time and effort consuming thus it will surely help if you and your fiancée will join force and make the CDs together or you can also ask some friends to help out. The more the merrier it is!
In case you really lack the time to make the CDs yourself, you can go to a printing shop specializing in wedding favors. You can give them the list of songs you want included as well the images or text to be used for the cover. You will pay for their services but it is still cheaper when compared to other wedding favors.
Choosing your wedding favors is an important milestone in your wedding preparation and they can really be anything from personalized wedding CD favors, or wedding candy favors, seed wedding favors or anything else as long as you select that which means the most to you and your fiancé.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Invitations - A Preview of Your Wedding

Your wedding invitations should give your guests a taste of what is to come. You will have the opportunity to show off your taste by giving them a preview of your colour scheme. Make an elegant statement with your invitations that will compliment your wedding day.
You should have an idea of what you want the end result of your wedding invitations to look like. But with so many possibilities you could easily get lost in the search for the perfect invitations. It would be a good idea for you to hire a wedding planner who specialises in wedding invitation stationery to assist you during your journey. This will make your search so much easier because you will have the perfect person to help you make the right choices. You could then go around to invitation stationery stores where you will be exposed to all the different types of colours and textures of the papers as well as fabrics like ribbon. You will have a chance to make visual examples and see which of the papers better suit your colour scheme and that will ultimately make up the invitations you have always wanted. With the help of both the store helper and the invitation specialist, you will definitely find the proper supplies for handmade wedding invitations that will send the message you want it to.
When you have discovered the direction in which you want to go with your classic wedding invitations after exploring the endless possibilities of what your invitation could look like, you can then play around with the paper and fabrics that you have chosen. You have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires. Because of your wedding planner, you won't go wrong with the design of your invitations. You will have the professional guidance of the specialist while you experiment with different ideas. This can only give you the reassurance that in the end you will have elegant wedding invitations made with close attention to detail.
Your wedding invitations should be a complete expression of what your wedding day is going to be. You do not have to go all out, just make your invitations look the way you want them to. Think of your invitations as being the starters that will tantalize your guests' taste buds and make them look forward to the scrumptious main course which will be your wedding. Give your guests something to look forward to and enjoy creating your wedding invitations!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spring 2011 Wedding Jewelry Trends

Spring is wedding season. It's the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding but comfortable enough for an indoor one as well. It's a season of new beginnings and so starting a new life with someone just seems perfect this time of year. That's why the majority of weddings year round take place now. It's not just about picking out the perfect dress, though that's incredibly important. But it's also about how you accessorize it. Every year wedding jewelry trends change up just a bit. If you want to make sure your looking the part, here are some of the wedding jewelry trends of 2011.
Cluster earrings are big this year. The more vintage they look, the better. The nice thing is you can get the look without spending the money on something truly vintage, which often costs more because it's one of a kind. Go for discount pearls clustered together for a bit of elegance. Studs are the thing this year, so go with them in lieu of long, dangling earrings.
Bracelets are definitely in this year. They tend to be finicky when it comes to wedding jewelry, coming in and out of trend but for 2011 they are the "it" accessory. Bracelets for this year should have multiple strands and not just be a single dainty piece. Designs mixed crystals and pearls are very popular this year.
Custom made jewelry is also over popular this year. Instead of just picking something out that many other brides will be wearing, have your jewelry custom made for you and your dress. People will be in awe of how perfectly your wedding jewelry goes with the rest of your ensemble.
Colored pearls for the spring are popular, with lavender and pink being the hottest colors. If you are going to wear a strand of pink pearls, consider having the rest of your bridal party wear a similar color of jewelry or even match the color in another way, with maybe pastel pink clutches.
This year is also about simplicity over all, so you don't have to wear a heavy necklace of discount pearls, cluster earrings and chunky bracelets all together. Pick one to focus on and either lighten up the others or forgo them completely.
Whatever you choose for your wedding jewelry, go with these trends and you'll be sure to look great this spring. Because it's not just about the dress, it's about the entire look!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Cake Favors - Delicious Treats for Your Guests to Take Home

As more and more couples choose edible treats like wedding cake favors, for the guests it's like bringing something home and tasting again the flavors of the wonderful wedding celebration. For the couples, it's like literally having your cake and eat it too!
Wedding cake favors are especially fun for the couples to choose! Couples can take each of their personalities and from them choose their design. Or they can choose something that reflects them as a couple or how their relationship started; like if they met in a fair, they can request wedding cake favors with a carousel drawing around the mini-cake.
Or if their first kiss happened in an ice cream shop, they can pick an ice cream shape mini cake as their wedding favor. Couples can even take the idea and spice it even more by putting these special mini cakes inside beautifully made boxes for wedding favors or inside a very handy and intricately design wedding favor bags!
At the reception, these wonderful looking mini cakes can be put around the wedding cake as additional decorations.
They can even be the main wedding cake by arranging them in a tree like structure! That way it will be very handy to give out to guests.
All you need is a cake holder shaped like a tree complete with branches in which to place the wedding cake favors.
It doesn't hurt that it's more affordable to have wedding favors that also serves as your wedding cake. The trick there is to make a visually stunning presentation of these wedding cake favors and your guests will be pleased.
And if you and your fiancée can bake, it's even more fantastic as both of you can come up with a highly personalized edible treats that is truly a labor of love! You will surely inspire sighs among your guests once they found out that you and your fiancée took part in baking the mini cakes. Plus baking it yourselves makes your cake wedding favors more affordable too as compared to going to a pastry chef with your idea and instructions.
And no worries, it is easy to make personalized wedding cake favors and here are some great tips!
If your guests list runs to more than 80, you may consider asking friends and relatives to help out in the mixing and baking process. You don't want you and your guy to be spending so much time in the kitchen as there are loads to do before and during the wedding that maybe more pressing.
If you are having a larger number of guests say more than 150 invitees, it may be best to keep your wedding cake favors simple instead of choosing a more elaborate design as it take more time to make. You can choose to go over the top on the boxes for wedding favors or your wedding favor bags instead as decorating is generally faster to do than doing the whole baking process for a large crowd.
Choose frostings on the mini cakes that can be safely left at room temperature for a few hours or even overnight. Make sure the ingredients of the frosting will not spoil the cakes if left for a long period of time!
You can make your own little boxes for wedding favors and decorate the boxes based on your wedding theme.
If you are having a flower theme wedding, you may want to draw or print and paste colorful flowers on the boxes and secure the boxes with a beautiful ribbon. If you are having a beach wedding, you may want to decorate the boxes with mini shells.
There are lots of wonderful things that you can do to make your wedding favors the best it can be; you only have to be creative.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas For Your Next Bridal Shower

On the other hand however, all of these favors often feel very generic and may not convey the message you want. Remember that the girls that come to your bridal shower will be your closest friends that have supported you faithfully over the years - the last thing you want is to choose a shower favor that lacks creativity or thought. Yet where do you find good ideas?
As with anything in life, quality favor ideas need a source of inspiration. The best place to find this is to search for bridal favors or for blog postings about bridal showers.
Oftentimes, you can get a good sense for ideas when you read about available products from these sites. As well, reading these sites can serve as inspiration for your own bridal shower.
Bridal shower party Perhaps you'll read an awesome idea that someone else had and decide to do something similar for your shower party. This is by far the easiest way to get ideas as it is free and takes only a few minutes to do a good search.
Another option you can try is asking your friends who have been married what they did for their bridal showers. They will often tell you what they did and this can also be a source of inspiration for other aspects of the bridal shower, such as any games, entertainment, or venue.
Often too, you can ask a friend who's had such a shower party to guide you in planning the entire event. This will naturally help prevent unforeseen complications that may arise. While it may seem trivial, enlisting the support and help of a friend is vital to ensuring the success of your bridal shower party.
If you're looking for some cool favor ideas, look no further than the internet and your circle of friends. Chances are you'll begin to develop a good sense of ideas that are good and ideas that are bad.
You can then use this sense to help you figure out what you want to do. As a side note, when searching for your favors for your party, you might come across a good wedding favor as well. Therefore, it's a good idea to begin looking at favors whenever possible as they are necessary at multiple steps of the marriage process.
There is no excuse for not ensuring that your choice of favors for your bridal shower gives some idea of the type of fun person that you are and they type of values you hold.
Your best friends of many years will be present with you and a little thought and preplanning will ensure that your party will reflect well on you and your friendship with your enduring friends.
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