Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas For Your Next Bridal Shower

On the other hand however, all of these favors often feel very generic and may not convey the message you want. Remember that the girls that come to your bridal shower will be your closest friends that have supported you faithfully over the years - the last thing you want is to choose a shower favor that lacks creativity or thought. Yet where do you find good ideas?
As with anything in life, quality favor ideas need a source of inspiration. The best place to find this is to search for bridal favors or for blog postings about bridal showers.
Oftentimes, you can get a good sense for ideas when you read about available products from these sites. As well, reading these sites can serve as inspiration for your own bridal shower.
Bridal shower party Perhaps you'll read an awesome idea that someone else had and decide to do something similar for your shower party. This is by far the easiest way to get ideas as it is free and takes only a few minutes to do a good search.
Another option you can try is asking your friends who have been married what they did for their bridal showers. They will often tell you what they did and this can also be a source of inspiration for other aspects of the bridal shower, such as any games, entertainment, or venue.
Often too, you can ask a friend who's had such a shower party to guide you in planning the entire event. This will naturally help prevent unforeseen complications that may arise. While it may seem trivial, enlisting the support and help of a friend is vital to ensuring the success of your bridal shower party.
If you're looking for some cool favor ideas, look no further than the internet and your circle of friends. Chances are you'll begin to develop a good sense of ideas that are good and ideas that are bad.
You can then use this sense to help you figure out what you want to do. As a side note, when searching for your favors for your party, you might come across a good wedding favor as well. Therefore, it's a good idea to begin looking at favors whenever possible as they are necessary at multiple steps of the marriage process.
There is no excuse for not ensuring that your choice of favors for your bridal shower gives some idea of the type of fun person that you are and they type of values you hold.
Your best friends of many years will be present with you and a little thought and preplanning will ensure that your party will reflect well on you and your friendship with your enduring friends.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Day Shoes - What Are You Wearing?

Wedding shoes can make a difference to the look on your wedding day as well as making a difference to how much you enjoy yourself, - there's nothing worse than blisters and sore feet! A combination of comfort and style are ideal. Take the time to plan for footwear and you'll be a happy and stylish bride or groom.
How High is High Enough?
Try on several different shoe heights with your wedding outfit. That way you'll know how much a dress needs to be altered and you'll see whether or not the combination gives the look you want. For brides, are there height issues with you and your groom? Keep this in mind for your wedding photos and for the wedding dance. If you're similar heights, you may not want to wear a really high heel. Grooms can also wear or rent shoes with a subtle height to them.
Dress for Comfort & Practicality
Are you one of those lucky women who can wear high heels all day without pain? Or, do you rarely get your heels off the ground? You want to look elegant in your wedding photos, be able to walk without tottering and you also want to feel great all day. Some brides wear a specific pair of shoes for the ceremony and the photographs and choose a more comfortable pair for the reception. That way you can party and dance the night away in comfort!
If you're getting married on the beach, high heels might not be the right choice of shoe. Bare feet always look most natural on beach sand. If you're getting married outside on the lawn, you might opt for a wedge shoe instead of a spiked heel so you don't continually get stuck in the grass. You might also wear a ballet slipper for the evening, especially if your gown is floor length and only the tip of your foot will protrude from the dress. Some couples purchase his and her flip-flops to wear for the less formal part of the event as well.
It's not uncommon for brides and bridesmaids to buy matching flip-flops to wear while they're getting to the beach, walking a little way to get to photo location or traipsing through some bush. No only are they more comfortable they also save wear and tear on their shoes. I've even had a bride arrive from interstate and not been aware until the morning of her wedding that her bridal shoes were still in Sydney! She was probably the most comfortable bride we've photographed, she opted for her joggers! Not a single person noticed!
Whatever your plans are, try the shoes on, carefully consider how they'll look in wedding photos and how they'll feel, and don't be afraid to ask for advice. Flip through some wedding magazines to look at wedding photos for different ideas. Ask your stylist about which wedding shoes they recommend for your gown. Talk to your wedding party attendants about their choice of shoes. If you have a bridesmaid who's pregnant you may need to make an allowance so that she can wear a lower heal than the other girls. If you have trouble finding a style shoe that suits all the bride maids maybe the same colour will be the best solution. Remember to look fantastic on the day you will also want some built-in comfort!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Father Daughter Wedding Songs - Some Good Recommendations

The wedding day is definitely one of the happiest days for many - seeing as it's a milestone in life. This is a special event and is usually the culmination of long-cherished dreams. They involve a lot of things that make life meaningful and pleasurable. Music, food, dance, meeting old friends, and more.
Music, for example, sets the mood for the event by adding an intangible, yet palpable aura of joy and solemnity. One of the most memorable and touching experiences at the wedding is the last dance between the bride-to-be and her father before he gives his angel to another man, danced to a father daughter wedding song. It's an emotional experience - the first man in the bride's life, giving her away to another man! It's a bitter-sweet experience. What is its significance? We'll explore that below, and then look at examples of great and memorable father daughter dance songs.
The father daughter wedding dance is a powerful symbol, a mark of honor for the father, and a celebration of the beautiful experiences the family has shared. At many weddings, after this dance, the husband formally ''takes over''. It's an old tradition.
It's a celebration of the beginning of a new path, of the past, and of the future. The song is a poignant symbol of the end of the father's role as provider and protector. Thus, it's a vital part of the wedding and the song should be chosen with care. Let's look at a few songs that would make great father daughter wedding songs.
Daddy's Angel (by Anthony Carter) A simple country song, specifically written for the father daughter dance. It speaks about the difficulty of letting go, and of the fact that the bride will always be Daddy's Angel.
The Angel in My Arms (by Joe Pizzulo) It's a unique song produced by a company that specializes in producing wedding music. It's written in the father's voice: expressing his recognition that soon his angel would fly away, but expressing his conviction that time cannot erase the memory of his feelings and that he'll always be dancing with the angel she'll always be, no matter where she may go.
Butterfly Kisses ( by Bob Carlisle) Both the lyrics and music are beautiful and very sentimental. The father is on the verge of tears, the daughter tells him not to cry, and goes on to ask her father if her clothes are pretty.
I Loved Her First (by Heartland) A very popular song, loved by many. It speaks of the father's longing that the daughter would one day find a husband, and the difficulty of letting go.
Gracie (by Ben Folds) A fast, humorous and touching song. It speaks of the fact that the father can't be fooled - he saw the bride when she was born. She's got some of the visible features of her mum and some of his, and other invisible ones. She can't fool him. She'll always have a part of him.
These are just a few of the numerous songs that would work well as the father daughter wedding song. They reflect sadness, joy, hope, loss - and in general capture the bitter-sweet essence of the wedding day for the bride and her father.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Selecting Your Bridal Shoes

You desire to have a perfect and indelible wedding, so do not miss a highlight- wedding shoes! Here are some useful tips to help you to find a flattering pair of bridal shoes.
In the first place, you should take the comfort level into account and select the style that is similar to what you get used to wearing. For instance, if you normally put on flat heel shoes, you can select a stylish pair of white satin ballet flats for your special day. If you get used to putting on high-heeled shoes, it is not good for you to try out a pair of wedding shoes with higher heels on your big day. Instead, you can choose lower or wider sling back sandals to avoid sore feet. If you really want to be tall on your big day, you can take a pair of flats along to change into or try to put on platform shoes.
In the second place, you should also take types of toe into consideration. As a general rule, toes can be pointed, rounded, open, squared or closed. If you want to enter into marriage in summer, sandal styles or open toes styles are your best choice for keeping cool. If you want to tie the knot with your lover in winter, it is good for you to consider closed toe styles to keep out the cold. Besides, the squared or rounded styles also enjoy great popularity among brides and you can also try out these two styles.
Last but not the least, you should ensure that your bridal shoes fit on your wedding dress. On the one hand, your wedding shoes should be in conformity with the formality of your bridal dress. If you are putting on a formal wedding gown, you need to pick formal shoes, like sling back shoes or classic pumps. If you are putting on a casual wedding gown, you can consider causal shoes, like low-heeled sandals or ballet slippers. On the other hand, your bridal shoes should complement the fabrics of your wedding dress. Generally speaking, the hemlines of your bridal gown determine the fabrics of your bridal shoes. Satin shoes go well with a shiny wedding gown and lacy wedding shoes work nicely with a lacy bridal gown. If you are wearing a bridal gown with a matte sheen, of course, crepe shoes would be your best choice.
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