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Father Daughter Wedding Songs - Some Good Recommendations

The wedding day is definitely one of the happiest days for many - seeing as it's a milestone in life. This is a special event and is usually the culmination of long-cherished dreams. They involve a lot of things that make life meaningful and pleasurable. Music, food, dance, meeting old friends, and more.
Music, for example, sets the mood for the event by adding an intangible, yet palpable aura of joy and solemnity. One of the most memorable and touching experiences at the wedding is the last dance between the bride-to-be and her father before he gives his angel to another man, danced to a father daughter wedding song. It's an emotional experience - the first man in the bride's life, giving her away to another man! It's a bitter-sweet experience. What is its significance? We'll explore that below, and then look at examples of great and memorable father daughter dance songs.
The father daughter wedding dance is a powerful symbol, a mark of honor for the father, and a celebration of the beautiful experiences the family has shared. At many weddings, after this dance, the husband formally ''takes over''. It's an old tradition.
It's a celebration of the beginning of a new path, of the past, and of the future. The song is a poignant symbol of the end of the father's role as provider and protector. Thus, it's a vital part of the wedding and the song should be chosen with care. Let's look at a few songs that would make great father daughter wedding songs.
Daddy's Angel (by Anthony Carter) A simple country song, specifically written for the father daughter dance. It speaks about the difficulty of letting go, and of the fact that the bride will always be Daddy's Angel.
The Angel in My Arms (by Joe Pizzulo) It's a unique song produced by a company that specializes in producing wedding music. It's written in the father's voice: expressing his recognition that soon his angel would fly away, but expressing his conviction that time cannot erase the memory of his feelings and that he'll always be dancing with the angel she'll always be, no matter where she may go.
Butterfly Kisses ( by Bob Carlisle) Both the lyrics and music are beautiful and very sentimental. The father is on the verge of tears, the daughter tells him not to cry, and goes on to ask her father if her clothes are pretty.
I Loved Her First (by Heartland) A very popular song, loved by many. It speaks of the father's longing that the daughter would one day find a husband, and the difficulty of letting go.
Gracie (by Ben Folds) A fast, humorous and touching song. It speaks of the fact that the father can't be fooled - he saw the bride when she was born. She's got some of the visible features of her mum and some of his, and other invisible ones. She can't fool him. She'll always have a part of him.
These are just a few of the numerous songs that would work well as the father daughter wedding song. They reflect sadness, joy, hope, loss - and in general capture the bitter-sweet essence of the wedding day for the bride and her father.
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