Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Selecting Your Bridal Shoes

You desire to have a perfect and indelible wedding, so do not miss a highlight- wedding shoes! Here are some useful tips to help you to find a flattering pair of bridal shoes.
In the first place, you should take the comfort level into account and select the style that is similar to what you get used to wearing. For instance, if you normally put on flat heel shoes, you can select a stylish pair of white satin ballet flats for your special day. If you get used to putting on high-heeled shoes, it is not good for you to try out a pair of wedding shoes with higher heels on your big day. Instead, you can choose lower or wider sling back sandals to avoid sore feet. If you really want to be tall on your big day, you can take a pair of flats along to change into or try to put on platform shoes.
In the second place, you should also take types of toe into consideration. As a general rule, toes can be pointed, rounded, open, squared or closed. If you want to enter into marriage in summer, sandal styles or open toes styles are your best choice for keeping cool. If you want to tie the knot with your lover in winter, it is good for you to consider closed toe styles to keep out the cold. Besides, the squared or rounded styles also enjoy great popularity among brides and you can also try out these two styles.
Last but not the least, you should ensure that your bridal shoes fit on your wedding dress. On the one hand, your wedding shoes should be in conformity with the formality of your bridal dress. If you are putting on a formal wedding gown, you need to pick formal shoes, like sling back shoes or classic pumps. If you are putting on a casual wedding gown, you can consider causal shoes, like low-heeled sandals or ballet slippers. On the other hand, your bridal shoes should complement the fabrics of your wedding dress. Generally speaking, the hemlines of your bridal gown determine the fabrics of your bridal shoes. Satin shoes go well with a shiny wedding gown and lacy wedding shoes work nicely with a lacy bridal gown. If you are wearing a bridal gown with a matte sheen, of course, crepe shoes would be your best choice.
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