Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Cake Favors - Delicious Treats for Your Guests to Take Home

As more and more couples choose edible treats like wedding cake favors, for the guests it's like bringing something home and tasting again the flavors of the wonderful wedding celebration. For the couples, it's like literally having your cake and eat it too!
Wedding cake favors are especially fun for the couples to choose! Couples can take each of their personalities and from them choose their design. Or they can choose something that reflects them as a couple or how their relationship started; like if they met in a fair, they can request wedding cake favors with a carousel drawing around the mini-cake.
Or if their first kiss happened in an ice cream shop, they can pick an ice cream shape mini cake as their wedding favor. Couples can even take the idea and spice it even more by putting these special mini cakes inside beautifully made boxes for wedding favors or inside a very handy and intricately design wedding favor bags!
At the reception, these wonderful looking mini cakes can be put around the wedding cake as additional decorations.
They can even be the main wedding cake by arranging them in a tree like structure! That way it will be very handy to give out to guests.
All you need is a cake holder shaped like a tree complete with branches in which to place the wedding cake favors.
It doesn't hurt that it's more affordable to have wedding favors that also serves as your wedding cake. The trick there is to make a visually stunning presentation of these wedding cake favors and your guests will be pleased.
And if you and your fiancée can bake, it's even more fantastic as both of you can come up with a highly personalized edible treats that is truly a labor of love! You will surely inspire sighs among your guests once they found out that you and your fiancée took part in baking the mini cakes. Plus baking it yourselves makes your cake wedding favors more affordable too as compared to going to a pastry chef with your idea and instructions.
And no worries, it is easy to make personalized wedding cake favors and here are some great tips!
If your guests list runs to more than 80, you may consider asking friends and relatives to help out in the mixing and baking process. You don't want you and your guy to be spending so much time in the kitchen as there are loads to do before and during the wedding that maybe more pressing.
If you are having a larger number of guests say more than 150 invitees, it may be best to keep your wedding cake favors simple instead of choosing a more elaborate design as it take more time to make. You can choose to go over the top on the boxes for wedding favors or your wedding favor bags instead as decorating is generally faster to do than doing the whole baking process for a large crowd.
Choose frostings on the mini cakes that can be safely left at room temperature for a few hours or even overnight. Make sure the ingredients of the frosting will not spoil the cakes if left for a long period of time!
You can make your own little boxes for wedding favors and decorate the boxes based on your wedding theme.
If you are having a flower theme wedding, you may want to draw or print and paste colorful flowers on the boxes and secure the boxes with a beautiful ribbon. If you are having a beach wedding, you may want to decorate the boxes with mini shells.
There are lots of wonderful things that you can do to make your wedding favors the best it can be; you only have to be creative.
Is your wedding cake a picture of elegance? Put it on wedding cake favor bookmarks and display them on the guests' tables as wedding favors for them to take home. All Occasion Custom Laminated Bookmarks has more than 100 customizable bookmark favor designs that coordinate perfectly with any wedding theme or any event or occasion.
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