Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding CD Favors Make Giving Wedding Favors Fun

Wedding CD favors are very popular with today's couples as they hope their guests will remember fond moments about their wedding instead of any possible not-so-good ones.
Thus the bride and groom take time to really think about every aspect of the wedding including what their wedding favors will be.
And so many couples pick wedding CD favors as their wedding souvenirs because of their many benefits.
1. Wedding CD favors are easy to personalize. You can do any of the following to make them unique: * Select the songs that defines your relationship, this way your guest will have a better idea of you two and what you mean to each other; this also makes your guests be closer to you. * You can place your favorite picture as a couple and have them printed on the CD's cover. * You can even choose to put a picture of you two as you say your "I do's" but you must assign someone else to do the printing of the picture and placing it on the cover on the day itself. * If you are the artistic type, you can draw something that reflects your wedding theme on the cover. * Instead of placing accompanying lyrics of the selected songs, you can have poems or quotes or snippets of his letters or emails to you; if you will exchange special dedications during the ceremony, you may want to include it inside the CD instead of the lyrics.
2. Wedding CD favors can be part of your decoration. * You may go for a variety of wedding favors that includes the CD, some wedding favor candy and seed wedding favors. You can then place them all inside a theme-based wedding favor bags and arrange the bags as table centerpieces. * If you don't want variety and wants the CDs only, you can place these CDs in a beautifully decorated basket and place the basket near the wedding presents.
3. Wedding CD favors are easy to make and more affordable than traditional wedding favors. * You and your fiancée will only have to pay for rewriteable CDs, CD cases, and good quality papers. You can print the CD covers using your printers at home, making the whole wedding favors very affordable. * It can be bonding time for you and your fiancée as you choose the songs and burn the CDs.
4. Wedding CD favors are not only decorative souvenirs but something that your guests can still use even after the celebration. They can be played in their own home or cars and will undoubtedly make them remember you and the wonderful occasion.
5. Instead of hiring a band you may want to hire a DJ or simply set up a sound system that can play music from your wedding CD during the celebration. This is another venue where the couple can cut cost.
Creating these personalized wedding favors is really easy but it takes time to make especially if you are burning more than a hundred CDs. You really have to plan ahead and schedule all your wedding related tasks so you can lessen your stress.
Everybody knows planning a wedding is so time and effort consuming thus it will surely help if you and your fiancée will join force and make the CDs together or you can also ask some friends to help out. The more the merrier it is!
In case you really lack the time to make the CDs yourself, you can go to a printing shop specializing in wedding favors. You can give them the list of songs you want included as well the images or text to be used for the cover. You will pay for their services but it is still cheaper when compared to other wedding favors.
Choosing your wedding favors is an important milestone in your wedding preparation and they can really be anything from personalized wedding CD favors, or wedding candy favors, seed wedding favors or anything else as long as you select that which means the most to you and your fiancé.
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