Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Revamped Wedding Details to Impress Your Guests

Big weddings do come with elaborate preparation. With hundreds of details to focus on and tons of choices to be made, the couple might still overlook a few simple tweaks that could have made the wedding flawless.
It is impossible to throw a perfect wedding, especially once the head count exceeds a hundred. But then there are those teeny, tiny details that adds more flair and drama to the entire wedding theme. These are cost-effective but then capitalizing on personalization means that more elbow grease would be required.
To leave the guests speechless in the most unexpected items is the objective. Here are a few of those wedding details and ways of revamping them.
The sign. Make sure the older ones don't go wandering off to the other side of the garden during the reception. Set up attractive signage to point out what goes where in and around the venue. Place directions pointing to the comfort rooms, the bar, the pool and even from the parking lot going to the tables. It's a great way of reinforcing the wedding theme and the signs also make great wedding memorabilia for the newlyweds' backyard.
The guest book. Have all the guests make their own mark on the bride and groom's day of love through one fun-filled album. Station the guest book at the entrance with a Polaroid camera for the guests to take photos of themselves. Along with a few colored pens, each page could be their very own piece of masterpiece for the newly weds. Better yet, hire the help of a videographer and set up a mini-video blog booth for all the well-wishers to record their own greetings.
The entrance and exit. Start the party in a fashionable style and then end it with a bang. Enter the reception with a rain of ticker tape confetti or with a surprise sing and dance number. Ending it would be a thrill once the lights suddenly go off at the middle of the bride and groom's thank you speech. When it goes back in, the couple is nowhere to be seen upfront but are at the back of a horse-drawn carriage waving goodbye to everyone. Drama may be overrated for a few couples but then weddings just happen once in a lifetime, right?
The little guests. Come to the battle prepared once the toll for the kids reaches 10 or more. Prepare child-friendly menus like mini-burgers, sliced pizza or a cookie buffet. Set up a small area for activities and provide them with coloring books, DVDs or board games to keep them occupied. Of course, hire someone to watch over the little ones to keep the parents off duty for the entire night. For smaller groups, seat them together with their parents to have them at their best behavior all night long.
The restroom. Totally unusual but practically speaking, it is one spot where the guests get to see extra servings of TLC. Monogrammed towels, oil-infusing candles and fresh flowers in a vase make the personal time more worthwhile. Hang an adorable childhood photo of the groom under the "His" sign and an angelic picture of the little bride under the "Hers".
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